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FAQ I have a Harley Benton double neck acoustic guitar and have been looking for a case for it absolutely everywhere, but with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A: You could try Rockhardcases.com They make custom cases to your specs.

Guns N' Roses – Las Vegas Residency – The Joint at Hard Rock- May 24-25, 2014

Big and powerful: Those words were written more times in my notepad during the two nights I covered Guns N’ Roses at their new Las Vegas residency at The Joint inside the Las Vegas Hard Rock than any other adjectives. Although most of the setlist was similar to their past residency in 2012, some of the songs came alive like they have never done before. Over-the-top hits like “Paradise City,” “You Could Be Mine” and “Live & Let Die” had an extra something that morphed them from arena rockers into arena hurricanes.  GNR were on a roll for their second and third shows of this residency and everyone was lit up as if Bumblefoot’s hot sauce had spiked their Gatorade.

Source: Glide Magazine

Review: Music

And I hope I was the only clot in the full house who had embarrassingly forgotten the tissues and could do nothing about the tears, unleashed through this irresistibly cathartic RSNO performance, that ran down my cheeks.

That was one major feature about Oundjian's interpretation. It wasn't riding the emotions; there was no neck-wringing of the music, and Mahler's Eighth Symphony is a minefield for an indulgent conductor of the Bernstein species.

This was intelligently structured; and the emotional intensity of the performance came from deep within that structure, its tensions and its releases. Oundjian's Mahler Eight was a real symphony, and a homogeneous vision of that symphony too, producing a unity that worked at every level, right through the music.

Source: Herald Scotland

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Gathering of the Vibes 2013 – Day 1 Recap
Glide Magazine - Jan 01, 1970
Gathering of the Vibes 2013 – Day 1 Recap Double neck guitarist Gabriel Martin is a technical, wailing wizard, and the rhythm section is a tight musical unit. Songs such as the set opener, “Moisturizer The Situation,” and The melodic opener “Chasing Away” drew a crowd with the opening

40th Anniversary of John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana Collaboration
antiMUSIC.com - Jan 01, 1970
With Mahavishnu, McLaughlin was mostly seen with a black Les Paul Custom or his double-neck EDS-1275 blasting through a 100-watt Marshall head. Another Coltrane track, "Naima," finds both playing acoustic guitar, a direction that McLaughlin would take

50 Years On, The Stones Are Still Rocking
Here And Now - Jan 01, 1970
50 Years On, The Stones Are Still Rocking Keith starts the rhythm of “Tell Me” on the 12-string acoustic guitar. After the rather regal arpeggio flourish of the intro, his strumming begins unmoored from the backbeat (the two and four of the beat). It is a rhythm that seemingly does not resolve